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WgetPRO1 — Wget with "PRO" features

WgetPRO is a free software package for downloading files, based on GNU Wget. Fans of GNU Wget will probably appreciate this software, and you might like it too, but if you want a GUI, you should try these alternatives.

WGetPRO 0.1.3 supports downloading from MMS (streaming) URLs
    $wpro mms://win30ny.audiovideoweb.com/avwebdsnywin3147/bush.wmv
    --00:00:00--  mms://win30ny.audiovideoweb.com/avwebdsnywin3147/bush.wmv
               => `bush.wmv'
    Resolving win30ny.audiovideoweb.com...
    Connecting to win30ny.audiovideoweb.com[]:1755... connected.
    MMS request sent, awaiting response... OK
    Length: 347,213 [Microsoft ASF]
    100%[====================================>] 347,213 4.19K/s ETA 00:00

    00:01:21 (4.19 KB/s) - `bush.wmv' saved [347213/347213]
CAVEAT: Please be aware that this software potentially infringes on Microsoft's intellectual property rights. If you're located in a country that recognises software patents, such as the US, you should think twice before downloading and using this software. If you think it's wrong to patent file formats, protocols and business processes click here.

1 The unimaginative naming of this software does not imply that the original GNU Wget is "LITE", or crippled, or deficient in any way. Nor does it imply that this software is a commercial or "full-featured" version of the original GNU Wget. WgetPRO is free software licensed under the GNU GPL.